We Work Hard & Aim to Please

We had some issues come up with the inspection on our house before closing. Robert took care of those things and we were able to close on time. It was a good experience.


We had several issues to deal with when closing on our house. Robert worked through all of them with us until they were resolved. Still have his number in our phone and stay in touch to this day. It just goes to show that even when things can be difficult with house closings, things can work out just fine when you have someone that cares and wants to make it a good experience.


 We were one of the first to look at our house and loved it! With the market being crazy there were dozens of offers being made on all the nice houses in the area. We made a great offer and Robert accepted without even listing the house. It helped us make the transition knowing we would get the house we wanted without dealing with all the extra competition. It was clear finding the right buyer was more important to Robert than driving up the price to make extra money. Very rare quality in todays real estate market.


 I had two wholesalers lie to me about the price they would pay when I first tried to sell my house. Then I found Robert at BSRPS. He was honest, transparent about comps in the area, work that would need done and the price he could pay me for my house. He even added $5k to the purchase price just to be nice after hearing my experience with the wholesalers. He was very flexible with the close date, since this all happened at the same time we found out about Covid 19. Overall it was a good experience and we texted and stayed in touch even after the sale and rehab.


We wanted to rent out our basement after closing on our house. Robert put us in touch with his team to get it ready to rent. So we not only got a great house at a great price, but got more work done at a great price too. He and his team are easy to work with and always available to help.


When it comes to getting the job done right you know that it is important to work with the right team.  Buy Sell Rent Property Solutions is the team to get the job done properly and in a timely manner.

Donald S.

I had a wonderful experience with Robert and the crews who worked at my house. They were clean and professional doing quality work. Highly recommend this team!


As a roofong/gutter contractor, It was a pleasure serving Robert and his team of professionals. Great company who seems to care about providing quality homes for their clients!


I highly recommend Robert as your project manager for remodeling & renovation needs. Having had the pleasure of working with Robert as a mortgage loan officer, I can attest to his honest and responsive communication, keen attention to detail, and commitment to excellent quality of workmanship. Robert is well-connected within a network of home improvement professionals, ensuring that every homebuyer’s needs are met with utmost care and professionalism. With his dedication to transparency and reliability, Robert is an invaluable partner for anyone looking to find their perfect home.


My company has been in business in metro Atlanta for the past 40 years. We have dealt with numerous property managers, investors, and General Contractors and Robert is one of the top in this industry. He is easy to work with and honest and his transparency is a breath of fresh air. We are quite happy we have found one another and see our partnership doing great things!! Don’t ever change Robert!


I’m happy to highly recommend Robert Winenger.
I’ve been working with Robert for years, I always admire his professionalism, business talent, diligence, ideas, and care for the projects he does, as well as his management skills. He can see a potential in a property, not obvious to others, and he transforms it into a modern, cool living place. It is a pleasure to work with him.


Robert is a wonderful Investor to work with; prompt, organized, driven and produces a solid property at the end of every project. We make a good team, backing capital and making sure project financing is secured. I always look forward to hearing from him!


I have worked with Robert in the Real Estate solutions market for many years and have been impressed with his integrity and market knowledge. Always willing to help others without expecting anything in return is the mark of a great entrepreneur. If you get a chance to experience dealing with this company, don’t pass it up.


Robert has extensive knowledge in how to flip houses and invest in real estate. He loves helping others as he shares this knowledge so that they can start their own successful real estate businesses. Check out all of the projects he has done and you are sure to be impressed.


I have been very impressed with Robert’s ability to make a house go from unlivable to a thing of beauty. I was especially impressed with his work on the house at Boggs Road. I love all of the outdoor space on the patio and the front porch addition. These spaces are great for entertaining friends and family. All of the details in the house like the vaulted ceilings and decorative wall in the master suite make the house stellar.


I’ve known Robert for years. I’ve been his rehab lender and bought a house or two from him. He does quality work, has been honest and fair in all our dealings. Highly recommend.


I’ve worked with Robert for the past few years and he’s a great person to work with. He’s very knowledgable about what he does and will do a great job for you. He also has a lot of experience in the industry.


Robert is the best on his field, very knowledgeable on real state business, and over all very professional! 100% recommend using his firm.


Robert and his team are absolutely amazing! We have enjoyed working with him and his team over the last 6 years. We look forward to work with him again in the very near future.


I’ve been doing business with Robert for several flips on houses for quite sometime now and him and his crews can turn a house into a thing of beauty..Can’t wait for the next job to start to see the turnout. Thank you for the no hassle and quick flip.


Robert does a very thorough job and customizes his projects to each customers needs! Highly recommend.


Our company has been in partnership on some projects for Robert and his team. Always a pleasure to do business for and with!


Robert helped us transform our outdated home into our dream home, all while staying under our budget. All renovations come with twists and turns, and Robert was there to help when the unexpected came up!


Worked with Robert before and he is a straight up guy who can deliver. Definitely someone I can recommend as a real player in the market who can help you.


Great service and personnel . Marlon was excellent with his wood craft carpentry very detailed . Punctual and detailed Highly recommend.!


It was a pleasure working with this company. Starting his professionalism and the price is very comfortable.

JMV Granite

My experience with Buy Sell Rent Property Solution was Positive,, Dedicated, Dependable Reliable and most of all Fair and honest from the start, I was very happy, I will recommend the experience.


I love the great level of communication Robert keeps. It’s key!


I am working on several projects with me buy sell rent property solutions and I think he is someone I can count on and be sure that he will examine you what you want.


The best guys on the construction field! I strongly recommend this people!


A pleasure to work with.


Robert and his team are extremely professional, kind and courteous, and provide outstanding support throughout their projects. I highly recommend him and his team!


100% recommend Robert to do business with! Investor Robert is one of the most persistent and honest business men I know. No obstacle brings Robert down! Robert and I have done multiple transactions together including buying and selling real estate, partnering in home renovation planning and design, and hard money loans. As Robert’s preferred realtor, we focus on homes in South Atlanta near the popular Beltline path. Homes we purchased most other agents and buyers we compete with are scared to purchase. The others fear the home teardowns with too much money to dump into their rehab. Robert wasn’t intimidated by dilapidated homes. Robert is certainly way more knowledgeable and determined than the average investor. He has run into almost every imaginable home reno obstacle and never gave up. If Robert is ever stressed out or upset he certainly doesn’t show it. He remains professional and goal driven at all times. He knows how to manage an effective team and reach deadlines. He knows his numbers, his spreadsheet and always has his team 1 and team 2 backup ready to fill-in should team 1 fail. He goes above and beyond putting his signature home renovations stamp with examples such as full width of the home back decks, custom closets, electric smart fireplaces, and extra storage areas for backyard tools and garbage cans. Robert is also available for hire to consult or project manage a rehab. He has worked with my clients to successfully and smoothly project lead a home renovation. When working with my real estate clients as a project lead, Robert can execute a flipped home faster and with less construction costs and contractor complications as would 1st time home renovation clients working solo. I highly recommend hiring Robert or your real estate investor needs. Did I mention that Robert has financially invested in himself. He is one of Fortune Builders success stories and Robert is in the elite percent of the rare few successful investors. I am fortunate to have Robert as a loyal real estate investor client.